Introducing the New Inessence in the System Professional Range.

There are four products in this range, Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Spray.

  1. Shampoo
    Reduces frizz, provides moisture.
  2. Conditioner
    Improves manageability and enables easier combing.
  3. Mask
    Significantly reduces frizz intensifies nourishment.
  4. Inessence Spray
    Protects against UV rays, Shield against heat damage.
  • Ingredients
    Inssence is the new free from line offering luxurious performance and hair care for personalised soloutions.
  • Professional Performance
    The combination of bio-mincing the power of acai berries filled with antioxidant properties, and our unique energy code complex enables inessence to protect the scalp and improve hair integrity for manageability from root to tip.
  • Hair Results
    Hair is softer and more nourished whilst feeling and looking healthier.

Holiday season is coming so why not pop into the salon and treat your hair to our Solar range in system professional.

Solar is designed to protect the hair from damage through the sun exposure.